Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Just Happy Today

I don't have any real reason to be -- I just am. I'm busy at work which I love. Is that strange? I guess I'd rather be busy than bored. And tomorrow's the first of the month. That's always a good thing (well, at least for me, I get paid on the 1st of the month). I'm trying not to worry myself to death, and so far today it's working.

Monday, January 29, 2007

And Everyone's Feeling Better....

Well, Hubby and Baby Boo were never feeling bad. And I came down with a cold (not strep -- nothing wrong with my throat, no fever, just felt like shit all weekend). I was tempted to call in sick to work this morning, but I felt better after I got up and going and got a shower.

So, we're now hoping that no one else in our family gets sick. So, as I'm sure you can imagine, I had a pretty boring weekend. How was yours?

Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Strep Throat....

Doctor confirmed, anti-biotics will start as soon as Hubby picks them up. He was waiting for them last I knew.

And then the idiot is stupid enough to tell me that rheumatic fever runs in his family. I didn't know it could run in a family, but there seem to be some scientists who think that genetics plays a link in whether or not it might possible develop (from untreated or undertreated strep throat). So, now I've convinced myself that within a couple of weeks, she'll have rheumatic fever and all the complications of that (which
Dr. Google has been so good as to fill me in on). Not good.

Oh, and since Baby Boo drinks from any cup she finds and is already feeling under the weather herself, she'll get both strep and rheumatic fever as well.

I feel a panic attack coming on. The rational, normal side of me says, um, Alison, did you read that part about untreated or undertreated strep? Since she'll be on antibiotics and will take the full course, there shouldn't be a problem. And the family history is way back (neither Hubby nor his siblings have had it -- just an uncle (at least one) and his grandfather) before antibiotics were as widespread as they are now. That's what I'm going with at least. However, the worrying mommy part of me expects the worst.

This weekend could go bad....

Miss Priss is going to the doctor. I think she has strep throat although I'm hoping against hope that I'm wrong. She was exposed to it at school, and yesterday morning, she didn't even want to get up for school. She came home early yesterday because she threw up and has been running a fever and kind of hacking once in a while. Since the fever's not going away, to the doctor she goes. Of course, Baby Boo didn't get up until almost 10 this morning, so she might have whatever Miss Priss has. Lovely. And Hubby doesn't sound too good either, but I'm thinking his is just the weather change. It always makes his throat scratchy. I told Hubby not to let Miss Priss touch anything in the waiting room at the doctor's office since they have a sick room and a well room, and she can't go in the well room. She has to go in the germy room. I feel like January has been one illness after another going through my family. Maybe that's because I'm so tired today. It's the third day in a row that I've been up before 5.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thanks for the help....

with my Kindergarten question. I guess I just need to hear that it doesn't matter which way we go, she'll do fine. I am a June birthday and started when I was 5, but school was different back then (listen to me say that like I'm 80 years old or something). I'm scared at what kids have to do in school now. I didn't do homework in high school, so the thought of having a child in elementary school bringing home homework is a little scary. At least I can still handle the math at that level.

Miss Priss appears to be coming down with a cold again. I knew I shouldn't have let her touch anything in the doctor's office. I even let her go to the bathroom. I should be glad she only has a cold. Baby Boo appears to be doing well after her shots, so that's good. If she breaks out in a rash in about a week, please remind me that the doctor said that sometimes happen with the MMR shot and not to worry (unless it lasts more than 48 hours). I probably won't remember that's what caused it when we get to that point and will freak out.

I'm working on a blanket for Hubby. It's a blanket made from knitted squares sewn together (like a quilt). My grandmother made one for all of her grandchildren except the youngest two* before she died. I think it was really important to her that we have them. I love mine, and when I cuddle up with it, I can feel her love. So, since Hubby is always trying to steal it, I told him I would make him his own. His will be different in that it will be 4 squares by 5 squares rather than 4 squares by 4 squares like mine is.

*Both cousins did get a blanket. My aunt and mother finished the blanket for the older brother that my grandmother was working on when she died, and they used squares that my grandmother had made and had leftover that she didn't fit into any other blankets to make one for the other.

I'm trying to get Hubby's blanket finished (after I finish the square I'm working on, I'll be halfway done) so that I can make one for my cousin. She is due with her first baby in July. Both families are not hurting moneywise and they have lots of friends, so buying them a gift will get lost in the shuffle. So, I thought that my grandmother would be happy to know that her tradition will be carried on to her great-grandchildren. I will make blankets for my girls as well. And (unless any of my cousins goes off and has a family with more children than I can keep up with), I will make them as gifts for all new babies. At least that's the plan. LOL So, I've got to get Hubby's blanket done (I've been working on it on and off since October) so that I have plenty of time to make a blanket for my cousin.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baby Boo's Checkup

Baby Boo had her checkup on Monday, and as of 13 months or so, she is 22 pounds and 12 ounces and 30 1/2 inches long. She is very healthy and doing great. She got 3 shots which she was not happy about, and she goes back at 15 months.

I'm really happy with our doctor. She's very friendly and even laughed when Miss Priss, hmmm, how should I put this nicely, farted and then immediately asked, "Do you smell something funny?" She had her nose all squished up and asked the question very seriously. I'm sure I turned bright red.

When Baby Boo got her shots, Hubby too Miss Priss back to the lobby to pay so that she didn't have to watch her little sister get a shot, and the nurse told me that I had a beautiful family and was very lucky to have such a great, involved husband.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kindergarten Question

I know it's a little early.

Let me see if I can explain this.

It's time to register Miss Priss for next year at her pre-school. For 4-year-olds (she'll be 4 in August), they have a 5 day/week pre-Kindergarten class, and a M/W/F 4-year-old class. To be in the pre-K class, the child has to be 4 by the end of January. So, Miss Priss wouldn't qualify.

The problem is that I don't know if Miss Priss will start Kindergarten when she is 5 or when she is 6 since she has a late summer birthday.

If she starts when she is 5, I would like her to be in a pre-K program. If she starts when she is 6, she could do the 4 year old class this year and the pre-K program next year. The thing is that I don't want to decide now if she's ready for Kindergarten at 5, you know?

My options are:
1. Leave her at the same school where she likes the teachers (she would have the same teachers next year since they teach the 3 year old T/Th class as well as the 4 year old M/W/F class) and a few of her friends would be with her (I think) and send her to Kindergarten when she's 5. I would think that there wouldn't be that much of a difference between the kids in Kindergarten who went to pre-K and those who did not (at least not for very long into the year).

2. Put her in the 4 year old class this year, send her to the pre-K class next year, and then put her in Kindergarten when she's 6.

3. Find a new pre-school who will put her in a pre-K class, and then make the decision next year as to whether or not to send her to Kindergarten.

I can't believe that she's old enough that Kindergarten is only about a year and a half away (possibly). I know that part of the decision depends on the child, but what would you do?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Off to the doctor....

for Baby Boo's one year checkup -- only about a month late. I'm getting better -- I was 3 months late last time. :)

And, wouldn't you know it? She fell yesterday and scraped up her eye and got a bruise. I love taking injured kids to the doctor. I'll tell her what happened. If I have a doctor who doesn't understand that cuts and bruises happen to a little one (especially one who is barely walking), I need a new pediatrician. I'm not too worried about it. I don't think they'll think I'm abusing her since it looks like she scraped it on a sidewalk. The little pumpkin faceplanted herself into the sidewalk yesterday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Aha! It worked this time....

Here is our still nameless kitten, soon to be named "Kitty" forever.

And if she doens't quit attacking my feet in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep, so help me.......

And it looks like my entire family is getting sick just in time for the weekend. Yay! What a weekend I have to look forward to! LOL

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Nameless Kitty...

whose name shall soon be "Kitty." She's such a little thing especially compared to my parents' cats. We spent the weekend with my parents, and had a great time. They love seeing the girls, and I love being spoiled by my parents. It's a win-win situation.

My parents' cats, however, are huge. Two of them are 15 lbs a piece. Baby Boo loved them and chased them all around the house. Miss Priss was busy showing off her drawing and writing talent to her grandparents. And I use the word "talent" loosely. LOL She can write a couple of recognizable letters, but for the most part you have to ask her what she's drawn.

Hope everyone's having a great week!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Okay, I have nothing to talk about today....

So, what's up with you?

Oh, wait, Baby Boo got a new tooth. Just a couple weeks after the last one. They come in 2s.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did anyone watch...

the new NBC show where they're casting the leads of Grease? I hate to admit that I even watched it, but I did, and I'll probably watch more. I was just getting used to being down to just a few shows that I love and don't miss. It seems like the list is so long anymore.

These are the shows that have a "Record All Episodes" marker in my DVR*:
Two And A Half Men -- This show grew on me. I never watched it until a few months ago when Hubby and I had it on while we were getting the girls ready for bed. We started recording a few episodes, and now it has it's own timer.
Scrubs -- I have loved this one from the beginning. There are times where it gets more dramatic than I like in my comedy shows, but I love it. We actually have bought the seasons as they've come out on DVD.
The Office -- Hubby thinks this show is so-so, but he doesn't work in an office, so I think a lot of humor is lost on him. I love this show and watch it every week.
My Name Is Earl -- Hubby and I decided from the previews that we were just white trash enough to enjoy this show. We were right.
The War At Home -- This will be Hubby and I in a few years when our children are older. And I love how they show the running dialog in people's heads.
'Til Death -- Is there something wrong about the fact that Hubby and I relate more to the couple who've been married 20 years than the newlyweds? We're closer to newlyweds than 20 years.
7. Top Chef -- I started watching this to fill in the time after Project Runway ended. I really like watching this show, but it always makes me hungry. LOL
Project Runway -- My all time favorite reality show. I can't wait for the next season to start.

*I record everything because I can't stand to watch commercials. I know that if the show is an hour long, I can start watching about 20 minutes in, and I'll catch up by the end because I can fast forward through commercials.

Okay, so tell me I'm not the only one who watches too much TV.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A New Member of the Family

We got a cat. Yes, a kitten. Hubby seemed to have his heart set on having a cat even though I pointed out all the cons to having a cat, the "but it will be so cute just sitting on my lap, letting me pet it, it will be a stress reliever," argument won out in the end. I mean, seriously, how can I argue with that?

So, yesterday, he and Miss Priss went and picked out a kitten and got all the stuff for her. Miss Priss was so excited to tell me about her new kitten when I got home.

The kitten still has no name despite all of Miss Priss's intentions of naming her Pinky Dinky Doo.

Baby Boo thinks this poor little kitten is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Which, of course, means that she's not allowed anywhere near it. It's one thing for her to drag a doll, stuffed animal, etc. around by the head and neck, but the poor little kitten will not feel the effects of Baby Boo's "love." In time, she'll learn to run away, but for now, we have to try and protect her.

"Kitty" in Baby Boo's vocabulary sounds a lot like "Christmas."

Baby Boo's current vocabulary consists of:
1. Mama
2. Dada (finally! Daddy was about to go crazy)
3. Guga (this is both Grandma and Grandpa, we've discovered)
4. Kkkkkkkk followed by a hissing sound(Kitty or Christmas, depending on whether there's a kitten or a Christmas tree in the room)
5. Duhduh ("Dora") We will not discuss the fact that my 1 year old said Dora before she said Daddy, note to self -- not so much TV for that one).
6. Dug ("Diego") See above. Waaaayyy less TV.
7. Mmmmmm ("Dummy") Another one attached to that damned pacifier.
8. Buhbuh ("Bye-bye")
9. Hi (although this is always yelled)

Those are the ones that I can think of. Funny, she hasn't come up with a word for her sister yet. No sissy or anything that sounds remotely like Miss Priss's name. Maybe she doesn't need to since Miss Priss is always hanging around. No need to call her.

I'll try to get a picture of the newest addition to our family and post it tomorrow.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Mother Nature....

did not take pity on me, and after staying up all night (or at least it seemed that way), I got sick as well. Four sick people in one apartment. That can't end well. Fortunately, everyone is on the mend, even Baby Boo who is still coughing. If she doesn't have marked improvement today, I'll probably try to get her into the doctor tomorrow. I just don't want to go to the doctor to hear, "It's a virus, it will pass, that'll be $25." I can buy a lot of baby medicine for $25. But, I don't want her suffering through strep throat or an ear infection either. Fortunately, she doesn't show any signs of either, and her appetite is returning, so that's a good sign.

I almost forgot to add: Congratulations, Sabrina! I can't wait to see pictures of little Mia!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sick, Crabby Kids....

Makes for a mean, crabby, grouchy Mommy. Baby Boo was up all night (on and off) because her little nose was stopped up. If it wasn't late at night, it would almost be cute - she kept taking the dummy out of her mouth so that she could breath (since breathing through her nose was a definite no), but she sleeps better with the dummy in, so she's try to put it back in which, of course, caused that nasty problem of not being able to breathe, so she take it out again. This went on pretty much all night. That is, of course, when she wasn't coughing. Poor little thing.

And, since I was already awake, I could hear Miss Priss in the other room coughing sporadically as well. So, poor Daddy is stuck today with two sick kiddos. I should do something nice for him tonight. Of course, he's coming down with the same cold as well. Please keep your fingers crossed that mother nature takes pity on me and keeps the cold germs out of my system.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends in the blogosphere! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. To all of those who are having babies this year, I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy and good sleep when your baby is born. LOL

I'm feeling very optimistic in this new year. Can you tell?