Tuesday, June 28, 2005

If You're Tired Of....

Looking at the cartoon meme, you're in luck.

I took my daughter swimming on Sunday. Cody's parent's pool was finally warm enough to swim in, so Mom and I took the little princess to go swimming. I was prepared for the worst. After all, my daughter has only gone "swimming" in a little wading pool. And that was a year ago. So, putting her in a pool where she could actually go underwater was going to be different. I thought for sure she wouldn't be too fond of it. Since I like swimming, my plan is to go swimming quite a bit this summer, so I figured she would eventually get used to it.

I got in first. Mom handed my daughter to me over the edge, and I tried to let her slowly adjust to the cooler water. She didn't need any adjustment, she was excited to be in the water. When Cody's mom brought out the little floating ring, I put her in it. That supported her upper body. I held her hands, and she had a great time kicking the water and splashing and making her way around the pool. We played for about 45 minutes, and then I decided it was time to get out. I got out of the water, got her towel, and went back to get her from my mom. My daughter wasn't ready to get out. If she could swim, she would have tried to escape from me. She kept saying, "No, mama, no!"

Except it sounded more like, "N-n-n-n-n-o-o-o-o-o-o, Ma-m-ma, n-n-n-n-o-o-o-o-o!" because her little teeth were chattering. I told her when she was shivering that badly it was time to get out. And since I'm still bigger, I still get to call the shots.

So, she got out, and we played in the yard and fed the fish. When the moved in, Cody's parents cleaned up the existing fish pond. They put feeder goldfish in it. These little fish that you get in the pet store for next to nothing and are about an inch long have turned into 6-8 inch long monsters. I can't belive they grow that big, but my daughter had a great time throwing food at to them.

In other news, I felt the baby kick. Yes, I know I'm only 12 weeks, 3 days, but that was a kick. It was yesterday morning before I got out of bed. It was really strong (no gas pains or indigestion), so the baby must have jumped clear across my uterus or something. It only happened once. Too bad. I can't wait until the little bugger is really active (I'm sure I'll eat those words later!).

Other than that, I'm just really tired. I could sleep 15 hours a day if I didn't have to go to work.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Part 2 of 2

Dana tagged me yesterday with a clever meme.

The Rules:
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Name your 5 favorite cartoons that you watched as a kid and give a brief description or character listing of each!

Okay, I must say that at first I couldn't even think of five. Then I started thinking a little harder, and then the memories started coming in.

These are in no particular order.

Inspector Gadget. When I first started elementary school, I rode the bus. The bus would arrive right around 7:30. Dad would stay with me until the bus arrived and then go to work. Inspector Gadget came on at 7:00. We could usually watch the entire episode before the bus arrived.

2. After about 2 years of Inspector Gadget, Dad and I were appalled to find out that it had been replaced with
Dennis the Menace. Gone was my favorite Go-go-Gadget-arms (umbrella, skates, etc.). It had been replaced with a young kid causing problems for his neighbors.

3. Then, just when we were getting used to Dennis, they replaced him with
Heathcliff. That was never one of my favorites. But, it was something to watch.

4. Then, they put in
The Super Mario Brothers Super Show. This was about half cartoon, half bad acting on the part of the actors playing Mario and Luigi. They had this horrible theme song (I'll be sitting here singing, "Hooked on the brothers...." all afternoon now) and did some even worse dancing. Ahh, the memories.

5. Who can forget the
Smurfs? I mean really, little blue people. Classic.

6. I also watched
Alvin and the Chipmonks. This was basically Dennis the Menace with chipmonks. Their Christmas song is still one of my favorites. They also had some movie where they were in hot air balloons against the girl chipmonks.

7. Another one I watched a lot was the
Thundercats. Oh, yeah. Classic TV there. Thunder....thunder...thundercats! I remember there was an eposide where Liono somehow became a baby (I can't remember how). At one point, he was trying to do something and couldn't. "Liono too little." We laughed about that one for a long time.

8. Obviously, more people than I thought had heard of
Jem. But, have you heard of Seabert the Seal? Huh? My grandmother would send tapes to my brother and I (I think it was on HBO or a channel we didn't get). Seabert was a seal who would go around trying to take care of all the environmental problems in the world. I especially remember one where Seabert and his friends went to Africa to deal with elephant poachers. That's the only one that I still know all the words to the theme song.

Seabert the Seal is on his way!
Seabert the Seal is here to stay!
Whenever things go wrong,
He'll always come along!
Let's hear it for Seabert! Hooray!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The original not the stuff that passes for mutant ninja turtles on current Saturday morning TV.

So, let's see. I tag the following. Please remember that you will not be shot if you choose not to participate. :)

1. Heather --
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2. Sarah --
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4. Elise --
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5. Amanda --
The Mommy Files

Have fun. I did. I found
this website to be most helpful in jarring my memory.

I would also like to add The Jetsons, the Flinstones, and Looney Tunes (but not the Tiny Toons -- couldn't stand them!). Really, who didn't watch those? :)

Part 1 of 2

This is my first post today. The second will be a blast to the past for a fun cartoon meme from Dana.

I called my grandparents yesterday afternoon to tell them about their next great-grandchild.

My dad's parents were thrilled. I got them both on the phone, and they were just so excited. My grandmother told me that she didn't think she would live to see her grandchildren grow up, and now she will have two great-grandchildren. They told me to take care of myself and that I'll be a great mother to two, etc., etc., etc. My grandmother also gave me a piece of advice that I need to remember when they're older. Do not ground your children for longer than you can stand them. She's very wise, my grandmother.

So, then I called my mother's mother. She's not always as showy with how she feels, so I wasn't expecting the same reaction, but this was how the conversation goes:
Me: Well, Grandma, my daughter is going to be a big sister.
Grandma: Okay.
Me: {What do you say here? I mean, "Okay?" Please.}
Grandma: I guess that means you're not going back to school anytime soon.
Me: {Trying very hard not to just hang up the phone.} Well, I will. {Might as well leave it for some unknown point in time}.
Grandma: Well, when you have two kids, it's hard to go to school.
Me: {Well, no shit! If you would like to pay for daycare, I can come up with the financial aid for school -- how about that} I know. We'll work it out.
Grandma: I was 42 years old when I got my bachelor's degree. Don't wait that long.
Me: I won't. {My husband told me that I should have said, "Well, that still leaves me twenty--twenty-five years?" just to mess with her. I love that man. I'm 25, by the way.}

The conversation continued with a little bit of take care of yourself and I hope you're not sick through your entire pregnancy like I was with your mother.

I think I've figured out why it bothers my grandmother so much that I haven't finished school. So much so that she tried to make me feel guilty every time I talk to her. Every time. She didn't care when the grandsons didn't finish. Just the granddaughters (damn my cousin for finally getting her degree -- I'm the only other granddaughter). I think the reason is that when she was our age, a woman got married, had kids, stayed at home. There was no other choice for her. For me, she sees having children and getting married as a choice to ruin my life if I could have done something more. I would love to stay home and raise my children. I can't imagine a better job than that. But for her, that is settling for so much less than I could have been. For me, it is using my talents and skills. Anyway, maybe my mother will quit asking me why I never call my grandmother now. Pregnancy hormones and grandma can't be a good combination.

My daughter understands that babies grow in tummies. Well, I think she understands. Last night my husband was lying on the couch, and asked her, "Where's the baby?" She walks over to him, lifts up his shirt, and starts patting his stomach. It was so funny.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back From The Doctor

My appointment went well. We heard the heartbeat. I was a little freaked out at first because I couldn't hear it. I remember how strong and clear it was with my daughter. Of course, what I remember is the last part of my pregnancy with her.

The heartbeat was perfectly clear to Gwen. She finally asked me if I was hearing it. Uh, no. Don’t I look like I’m freaking out over here? She pulled the little speaker part closer, and I could barely hear the little whooshing sound (slower than my daughter's). I did clearly hear the pops when the baby kicked at the little thing, though. My daughter used to do that too.

This is the first appointment where I saw my doctor. He was so excited to see us (I can't believe he remembers us, but I've been assured by other patients of his that he actually does have a memory like that). He told us that a little over 2 years was a good age gap (not like we can change it now, so he might as well!).

I haven't gained any weight. Shocking, considering that I eat everything in sight and get very little exercise. My husband told me not to use that as an excuse to, ahe put it, "balloon."

I've been waiting for what seems like forever to hear that little heartbeat, so I am ecstatic! Now, I have to make a list of all the people that I need to tell! Let's see....grandparents, a couple of friends....hmmmm.....

Don't worry,
Dana. I'll get to you meme first thing tomorrow morning. I'll have to think about some of the cartoons I watched. I know I can definitely put down Jem.

Dr. Appointment Today!

I'm leaving in about 45 minutes to go sit in my doctor's office for hopefully less than 2 hours to see my OB. I can't wait to hear the little heartbeat. I'm so excited. My blood pressure will probably be high since I'm so excited. Oh, well. I'll post again when I get back. I need to start thinking about who all I have to call and who I'm going to call first, etc., etc., etc.

Monday, June 20, 2005

When I Started This Blog....

I had high hopes of updating everyday. Well, at least every weekday. I haven't done that at all recently. I'll try harder.

Well, I'm not so stressed out this week. Maybe that's because I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm so excited. I get to hear the little heartbeat. My husband and parents are sure that it will be more than one heartbeat to which I reply, "It better be! My heart better be beating as well." I then get the look -- you know, the don't be a smartass look. So, since I am the only one who expecting to hear two heartbeats (including mine), I guess I'll find out tomorrow. And maybe I'll skip the 4th and 5th meal I've added to my day.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm sorry....

for the lack of posts. I'm not having a good week. Probably because I'm beyond broke and it's depressing me. I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for daycare, and it sucks to use birthday money to pay bills. I know that God won't give me more than I can handle, but what He thinks I can handle and what I think I can handle are way different. He has a lot of faith in me.

Anyway, I must say that I know that I'm very lucky. I have a wonderful husband who loves me very much, a healthy baby girl, and I'm pregnant with another one. If I could get the money thing in my life under control, I would be completely and utterly happy (at least I think that now because that it my one all-consuming worry). So, I guess I'll stop the pity party now...

Just 29 weeks and 2 days -- the pregnancy hormones will stop. That will help. We won't go into the other hormones that kick in at that point.

I'm really not as depressed as I sound now that I read back over that. I hope tomorrow's post is better. Maybe I'll try to post again tonight.

Now, I have been tagged by

What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

But first the rules to this meme game:Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.
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5. Dana
Craz4acop And Many Other Things

Let the game begin.

1. I miss having picnics with my brother and Cody. Since we grew up as just the three of us, starting when I was about 8 years old, daycare was abandoned, and my brother, Cody and I stayed home during the summer. Yes, that does mean that my brother was only 6 (and so was Cody), but our fathers worked within a quarter mile, any emergencies could be quickly handled. Anyway, we would have a picnic everyday. We would make up a pitcher of Kool-Aid (which means that we would have permanent Kool-Aid mustaches), sandwiches (my brother and I would have PBJs until Cody introduced us to the "perfect" grilled cheese sandwich -- toast the bread, put a piece of cheese between the two slices and put in the microwave for 15 seconds). We would put it all in the wagon and walk down to an open grassy field spread out a blanket and have a picnic. At about 100 degrees everyday. Never phased us.

2. I miss waking up early on Saturday morning to watch a show called Jem or Gem that no one I've ever met remembers except for me. She was a singer. I just remember that the vents for our heater were in the floor, so I would take my blanket and pillow, go out into the living room, and lie down so that I was laying just above the vent with the blanket over me catching all the warm air. The living room was cold, but I was warm under the blanket. I also ate unfrosted Cherry Pop-tarts every Saturday morning. They don't make them unfrosted anymore. It's a shame. Those were my favorites.

3. I miss swimming in Cody's pool. They had an above ground pool, and we would spend hours swimming in it having dunking fights and trying to make whirlpools (that works much better with more people). I also miss how tan I would get during the summer with so little work.

4. I miss school. Maybe it's less missing school and more of a nostalgic feeling of being in elementary school. I remember in 1st grade, my teacher would let us grade each other's papers if we finished our work before everyone else. Well, I was a nerd, of course I did! I also got lots of extra time to read (which was great!). Of course, 1st grade also held the horror of timed tests. I can't believe they torture kids with those. I hope they have done away with them. I could do the math easily (and probably within the time limit), but start the clock ticking, and I couldn't think at all. This didn't go away until at least 4th grade or so. At some point I must have gotten good at it though because I didn't have any trouble when I got to SAT and ACT tests in high school.

5. I miss the innocence. I miss the time when the biggest worry was whether or not so-and-so had decided not to be friends with you today (which also meant that you had to check with whoever made those decisions to see who you were supposed to ignore). Maybe that's a small town thing. Or just my town. Or whether you had to worry about being a faster runner than the boys (did that make you less appealing?). We used to play the elaborate games of tag where you would get led away to some sort of "holding area" (I don't remember -- we were 8 or 9) The goal was for the boys to get all the girls there. I could always escape. They just couldn't catch me once I took off. I would get caught once in a while, but once I caught my breath, I was gone again. Maybe that's why I never gained weight when I was a kid. Hmmm....note to self.....once the baby is born, organize a massive game of tag.....

Monday, June 13, 2005


Not much to report. I am 10 weeks, 2 days. I have another doctor's appointment next Tuesday. At that point, we should hear the heartbeat. I can't wait.

The morning sickness seems to be going away slowly (knock on wood). I have decided that much of my morning sickness is psychosomatic (I feel certain that I misspelled that). Anyway, my problems seem to occur getting in and out of a car (putting a toddler in the car, for example). Also, I feel the need to gag if I get more than 2 feet from my bottle of water. And if I don't get to my water quickly, the gagging starts and won't stop. But, if I can get to my water, I can usually take a few deep breaths and drink some water and relax. So, I obsessively carry water with me wherever I go.

I'm starting to look pregnant instead of just fat. Yay! I was hoping that happened soon. Next Wednesday, I'm wearing maternity clothes to work. They may look big, but they are much more comfortable than the stuff that doesn't fit quite right anymore. I can hold out until then. After my appointment next Tuesday, I am going to tell the two women that I work with (one of them is my direct supervisor). Then I will sit back and see how long it takes for the information to make its way through the grapevine. My guess is that everyone will know within 48 hours. And those that don't are way out of the loop.

Tonight is potato skin night. Which means that I am making potato skins for my husband and something else for me because I don't eat potato skins when I'm not pregnant, and it's all that I can do to make them for him when I am. Well, it's almost time to go. I guess I'll get the Michael Jackson verdict on the radio on my way home.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


my parents now know I'm pregnant. And I didn't even get a lecture on how we can't afford a baby. Actually, it went rather well. This was basically the conversation:

Scene: Sitting at the table with Mom and Susan (Dad hadn't gotten home from work yet). Mom is trying to work out times when we can visit my grandmother.

Me: I can't get the time off of work. I don't have enough days saved up.
Mom: Well, when are you planning on quitting?
No answer from me.
Mom: Are you just planning on working there forever?
Me: Not forever.
Mom: Are you going to school this fall?
Me: No.
Mom: Why not?
Me: I need my benefits.
Mom: Why? (starting to catch on) Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes.
Mom: shocked silence followed by, How far along are you?
Me: About 9 1/2 weeks.

Shocked silence continues as she realizes I have kept this a secret for at least a month. Then I proceed to go throw up. Wish I was kidding.

When I returned to the kitchen, my mother told me that she suspected for about a week now, but didn't want to say anything because I am sometimes (yes, just sometimes, hahahahahaha) touchy about my weight. Smart woman, my mother. She said (what my mother-in-law could tell but not explain) that I didn't look fat, but pregnant. The way she put it was, "Your legs weren't getting fat, just your tummy."

So, she called my dad on his new cell phone and said, "Well, your daughter has news." Then she made him guess. He guessed a new job. Then that we were moving. Then that there would be a new baby.

Both were excited. My dad asked me when he got home if I had just found out. Uh, no. I've known for about a month. Then he was mad that I hadn't told them.

Mom and I went clothes shopping yesterday after work. I am now wearing comfortable pants to work. Unless you knew, you'd never guess they were maternity pants. I got a couple shirts for next fall (long sleeves) on clearance ($9.99 for a normally $49.99 shirt). I have 3 new pairs of pants that I can probably wear the entire time as well.

Cockroach update (for those of you who are dying to know): It's still there. Yuck.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just A Few Minutes Before I Leave Work....

Well, there is something worse than the dead cockroaches in the bathroom. Dying, twitching cockroaches in the same corner. I'm betting money that custodial won't have to gone tonight. Let's see...it's Tuesday...gone by....my guess is Friday when I call it in and complain. Sorry, I can't stand to see the dead things in the bathroom.

Well, I've heard and read so many great things about slings that I want one now for when this baby gets here. Actually, I'd love to see what my daughter thought of it. Anything to help easy the pressure on my back from carrying her would be a godsend. So, I've come up with the great idea to make one. Yeah. I can't sew.* We'll see how this goes. I can order the rings online, and then I can choose any fabric I want. How hard can it be, right? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's okay. My mother can sew, so she can fix anything I screw up. She won't let her grandchild be in an unsafe sling, so I can probably just get her to make it.

*Actually, I took a class, and I can sew a little (a button here, a button there, straight lines), but I've never been very good at it.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Not Much To Say

I got a Gmail account (thanks, Angie!). I'm still learning how to use it and all, but feel free to send me an email just to say hi.

My weekend was uneventful. Since my husband was out of town, I went with my parents and my brother to the local drive-in theater and saw Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I'd have to say that I didn't like it as much as the "original" Star Wars movies (IV through VI), but I was much more impressed with it than with Episodes I and II.

Best part: The concession stand. Funnel cake and grilled cheese. Mmmmm.....do I sound pregnant? And even better than that? The Rolaids they sell at the checkout counter. They must make a killing off of those. Great idea on someone's part. They should win an award. I call it the "Thanks-for-putting-Rolaids-at-the-checkout-counter-when-you-know-your-food-causes-indigestion" Award. By the end of the movie, I was eating Rolaids like candy. Okay, not really, I only had 2. I didn't overdose the baby on Rolaids.

Saturday, we went to the mall....eek! the mall! My dad needed a new weedeater. And since we were there, why not get a new garage door opener too, right? And then, of course, the real reason that we went to the mall. They have every cell phone company known to man circling the food court.

Since my brother is moving to Seattle in a couple of months, my parents have decided that they needed to get him a cell phone so that he would call them. They're dreaming. But, at least they can call him. So, naturally, I guilted them into getting me one as well. So, we go in ready to face the endless line of drivel. We will need 3 phones on one plan sharing minutes and we need to be able for 2 of the phones to have local Texas numbers and one phone to have a Seattle number. Thanks.

First place, no service in Seattle. I will not name names, but really, how can a major cell phone company not have service to most of the West Coast? Maybe they're not so major as I think. Maybe they just run a lot of commercials in my area. Anyway, second stop. Just what we need. Free phones, free calling (no using minutes) between phones, local numbers for now, but my brother can change his before he moves. Perfect. In fact, we just added an extra line for my dad. So, went in with one phone, came out with 4. Not bad. And now I have a cell phone. I'm finally caught up to the rest of the country.

So, now that we have new phones, a new weedeater, and a new garage door opener, it is time to install said garage door opener. This was a hilarious event. Two perfectly intelligent people trying to read a very, very poorly written instruction manual. I've decided that's how they make you pay for installation. You get the damn thing home and start looking at instructions and then call them back and say, "Whoa, please come install this because I can't read your instruction manual." My job was to sit around and watch and make sure my daughter didn't get in the way. That sounds easy, but my daughter was very interested in helping hand nuts and bolts to my dad on the ladder cursing the poor instructions. My mother was on the ground trying to read the same instructions and giving helpful advice like, "Well, I'm not sure exactly what this little doohickey that goes in that wheel is."

Finally at 10:30, the garage door would go up and down on its own without manual power. All that was left was to install the sensors. My father didn't think we should. Something about how they shouldn't force you to be safe.....but, since my mother and I said that we would do it if he didn't (since I'm the one with the almost 2 year old here) and you really can't bypass it or anything, Dad went all out with the staple gun making sure every inch of wire was tacked down in the perfectionist way that he does everything. Mom and I were smart. All we had to do was offer to do it ourselves. Hehe. There was no way that he was going to trust us to do it correctly (even though we would have). Therefore, we didn't have to do much of anything.

My husband came home yesterday. Yay! Of course, this is haircut week. I hate haircut week. We decided about 3 months ago that we should buy some clippers so that I could cut his hair. It looks more professional that way, right? My husband had a flat top haircut. Let's just say, I have much more respect for his barber now. Realistically speaking, we have saved a lot of money. Haircuts were costing him about $12 to 15 per haircut. The clippers cost us $23. So, every other week since the beginning of February is about 10 haircuts or so. Let's see at $12/haircut, that's $120, minus the cost of the clippers, equals $97 that he owes me we've saved.

So, I get to look forward to haircutting and laundry when I get home. Woohoo. I can't wait. Hopefully my little monster daughter is having a good day.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Apple Juice

It never ceases to amaze me how well my daughter is learning to talk. We went from a few unitelligible words to, "I want my dummy." (yeah, clear as day, too). And, "Apple Juice." "Muk (milk)." So many.

And then there are the wonderful things that my father taught her (aren't grandfathers great?). He taught her things like saying, "Ahhhh..." after you get a drink. The most recent thing that he taught her is "Buck aside." My father has said buck aside as long as I can remember. It means get out of the way. If you are in the way, he'll come up next to you and say buck aside.

So, now, my daughter gets in the way (she doesn't think so, but I'm the one doing the dishes not her) and starts saying, "Buck side, buck side, buck side." It's incredibly cute to hear this little girly voice telling me to move out of the way, but I can't smile. I don't want her to keep doing that.

The other thing that I can't smile at is the, "Mama, husssshhhhh." My husband and I will be in the car driving along and talking, and she'll be in the back seat telling us to hush. What I don't know is where she learned the word hush. I don't use that word. Shut up, be quiet, that's enough. Those all work much better for me. Daycare must use hush. I'm not sure.

My daughter is learning to test her limits not only with me but also with my mother. She was pulling up flowers in my mother's front flowerbed yesterday. She had to go inside (which she hates). Then when my daughter and my father went outside a little while later, she started doing it again. My mother made her stop and apologize for picking the flowers.
"I sawry, Mimi."

Then, my father picked a flower and brought it to my mother and said, "I'm sorry, too, Mimi." What a great role model.

On a completely unrelated note, my brother has moved back in with my parents for the summer. He and Cody were going to live together this summer before he went to law school. Well, when Cody died, there was no way that my brother could afford the place by himself, so he moved home for the summer. He's never there, though.

But, with him came Mojo, his cat. Mojo is a great cat. He took instantly to my daughter and I. He lets my daughter slap at pet him, and he purrs when I pick him up. He's so cute.

We don't have any great weekend plans. I'm just ready for work to be over. Only about 2 1/2 hours now.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we had a nice, relaxing memorial day weekend visiting my in-laws. We didn't do much of anything. I didn't even throw up. I didn't eat a whole lot though.

Oh, and my mother-in-law guessed. My husband had mentioned Sunday that maybe we should tell them. Then we decided not to. I walked by later when he and his mother were talking. They both looked at me. I knew something was up. I was sure that he had told her. He caught up to me a few minutes later and said that she had come up to her and said, "Are we going to be grandparents again?"

"How'd you know?" wasn't exactly the denial of the century. Apparently, the dress I wore to church made me look pregnant. Actually, when I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked fat, but my mother-in-law was willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. She had her suspicions, but when my husband patted my belly (whoa, that won't give it away), she saw him. Then she was pretty sure. At least there was no lecture about how we can't afford a baby. They're a little concerned about us, but they're excited. I say they because my father-in-law also knows. No one else does.

So, that brings the total of people who know (besides all of you in blogland) to 5. Me, my husband, my husband's boss, my mother-in-law, and my father-in-law. Six if you want to count my daughter, but I don't know if she really understands.