Sunday, August 27, 2006

So, here's the update......

Let's see. The last time I was posting with any regularity was in June, so it's been a while. We packed up and moved all of our stuff and the next day, we set out on a 13 hour car ride (which becomes 14 to 15 hours with two young children) to visit my husband's family. It was wonderful. Two weeks of much needed vacation and rest time. We stopped in to see my grandparents on our way back home. I'm really glad that we did. My grandmother died the next weekend, and knowing that she got to see the girls that last time was really comforting to me. She adored them and told me not long after Miss Priss was born that she had never expected to live to see grandchildren much less great-grandchildren.

When we returned from the funeral, my job hunt began in earnest. Since my skills are pretty much easy to match up with a lot of jobs (being a secretary does have some advantages), I applied at a lot of different places. And heard back from none. Talk about depressing. I didn't that I was that unemployable. Finally, I got a break and got an interview. I met with this woman for about 30 minutes, but things just clicked. Her job is to interview me and then send my resume and information and I guess her opinions of me around to the people in her department who do the hiring. So, since I thought things had gone so well, I thought for sure I would have lots of people calling this time (they have a lot of openings in the department). No such luck. I got one phone call. It was starting to get more depressing. However, I went on the interview and got the impression that they really wanted to hire me (since the interview was an hour and a half long). So, I wasn't surprised when I heard back from them two days later. They had to post the job for a certain number of days, but they were very interested in me, so.....a week later, I got the official call from HR. My salary is double what I was making in my last job. Even with the cost of living increase since we moved, it's enough to cover the bills and make us slightly comfortable with only my income so that my husband can go to school full time and not have to worry about finding a part time job (unless he wants to).

The only thing I dread is the commute. I do plan on taking advantage of public transportation, so I'll be taking the bus. I get a great deal on a bus pass through my new job, so I'm looking at about an hour commute each way every day. I do kind of look forward to the time by myself though. I don't have nearly as much time as I used to for reading or doing anything for me. Even just sitting and daydreaming for a while will be nice. And not having to pay for gas will be even nicer. Gas prices are still way to high to make it feasible for me to drive to work.

So, the plan for now is to get my husband through school, get him a good job so that he can support me through school. And I may look into a night school. Not sure on that yet.

So, the update on Miss Priss is that she started pre-school last Tuesday (she's going Tuesdays and Thursdays). On her first day of school she didn't cry when we dropped her off. She seemed very bashful and shy, but no tears. She was still seeming bashful and shy when we picked her up, but I was glad to see she was still in the same clothes. When we had visited the school, she didn't even want to look in the bathroom, so I was sure she wouldn't want to use it. I tried to get info out of her about her day, but she didn't say much. She would answer my questions though, so I got quite a bit of info that way. I told her how proud I was of her that she didn't cry and that she went in and joined her class. Her response? "I did cry, Mama."
"You didn't when we left."
"No, in the bathroom."
"You cried in the bathroom?"
"'Cause they shut the door."
Okay, here's where I had a "D'oh!" moment. In the process of potty training Miss Priss, we were usually in such a hurry to get to the bathroom before she had an accident that I never even thought about closing the door. Never even crossed my mind. So, now she sees it as some sort of punishment or something to be closed up in a little bathroom. Ooops.

So, Thursday, we went back and she did cry when we left that time. Go figure. Now she knew the drill and that Mommy and Daddy were leaving. She did pretty good that day though (according to her teachers) and, much to my surprise, went to the bathroom and even closed the door behind her. I was shocked. So far, she seems to really like her preschool and her "new friends" as she calls them. My husband thinks I'm weird because I already know the names of everyone in her class. Maybe that is weird.

And little Baby Boo (who is 8 months old today, by the way). I can't believe she's that big already. In the span of two weeks, she went from just starting to get up on all fours to crawling, to pulling up. She also added waving bye-bye and saying Maaaaamaaaaa in there as well. She's getting so big. And, as of three days ago, she finally has a tooth. Miss Priss got her first tooth at 4 months, so I started looking for Baby Boo's around then too. I guess no two children are alike. :)

Baby Boo is definitely my light sleeper. Miss Priss can sleep through just about anything, but not the little one. We started putting her in her own bed after we got back from vacation, so she is in the same room as Miss Priss. If Baby Boo starts crying, Miss Priss sleeps right through it without so much as rolling over. However, is Miss Priss wakes up and mumbles something or coughs or anything, Baby Boo is sitting up and trying to pull up out of bed by the time I get there (and I'm only about 20 steps away if that).

So, I start Monday (or tomorrow now I guess it is), my husband starts school on Tuesday, Miss Priss started school last Tuesday, and Baby Boo is rolling right along. I hope everyone is doing well, and I can't wait to get caught up on the blogs that I read since it's been forever.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


to leave you guys in the dark. :) I'll be back later this weekend with a major update. :)

Oh, and, I did get the job. (And I'm making about twice as much as my last job!)

Friday, August 04, 2006


my interview yesterday turned out to be sort of a "screening" interview. She then recommends me to the people who actually do the hiring. However, as of this afternoon, I've already had one call and have another interview set up for Monday. The woman that I interviewed with yesterday was really easy to talk to, and we had a lot in common, so I think it went well. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have a job soon.

I forgot how fast babies learn. In the course of a week, Baby Boo has learned how to crawl effectively (instead of the belly flop crawl where she would get up on all fours and fling herself forward on her belly), to go from crawling to sitting up and back again, to pull up, to wave hi (well, there's not much waving involved so much as just putting her arm out), and to give little squishy kisses. She's growing like a little weed and is so heavy to carry for any length of time.

And Miss Priss's birthday is in less than a week. What happened to my baby? I can't believe she's going to be 3.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Interview Today!

Please send me all the good wishes and prayers! :) Hopefully, I'll have good news to report soon! :)