Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween. I am all alone. The girls are visiting my grandmother-in-law (my husband's mother's mother), and they've been gone since Saturday. They will come home on this Saturday. It's a long time to be without them, but I'm surviving.

As far as Hubby and I go, we're doing pretty well. I think we're headed in a really good direction, but things have changed somewhat. I am more agressive in expressing what I want and how I feel, and he's adjusting to that. What this basically means is that we fight (like normal couples do) over little things like money. In the past, I just swallowed my anger and let things go, but there was so much resentment building up that it was causing problems. Now I just let him know how I feel.

Of course, everytime I get angry, he gets concerned that I'm going to tell him it's over. So he's adjusting. But he's home more often and is working on getting a job where he'll be home all the time (which will cause it's own problems).

Work has gotten very, very busy (and I'm much happier that way). We had someone leave, so I picked up a big chunk of what she used to do.

Since the girls are out of town, I'll try to get online tonight and catch up on what everyone is doing.