Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello, hello....

I applied for a new job. It's at the same place, but a higher position, so I guess I applied for a promotion. LOL

I would have many new responsibilities including supervising all the people that I currently work with as well as my replacement (which is, of course, very a little scary). I would also take over a lot of little things that usually slip through the cracks, and since I'm a very detailed person, well, I would be perfect.

So, about a week after submitting the application, I got an email for the interview. I interviewed with the woman who would be my supervisor (who is also my current supervisor) and another woman who would have some say in my new job if I were to get it. They both remarked that they were surprised I applied for it (not a good way to start an interview), and they asked a lot of questions (and a lot of the pertained to my supervising experience or lack therof). I thought it had gone okay, but didn't have a great feeling about it. Then about 4:30 before I left work, the supervisor called me into her office to ask me a couple more questions. It was very interesting. She asked me about the current dynamics in the office and how I would handle them. And as I was walking out of the office, she asked me, "Well, could you work for me?" She said it in a joking manner, but still.....

So, then I got an email to interview with her boss. Alright, a second interview. That's got to be a good sign. I had that interview last Tuesday. And it went well. Apparently, after a staff meeting where they asked us about flexible staffing hours, I sent an email that was "very mature." I not only explained from my point of view, but considered the entire group. Go me! She told me that I would probably have one more interview, but she wasn't sure. She didn't even tell me who it would be with. How helpful. But, I've since learned that it's most likely with her boss (which will scare me half to death since I've been introduced once and never talked to him more than that).

So, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that this works out. I think I would really like the job and it would be very challenging (which is important for me to like a job).