Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Award

A Meritorious Service Award, to be precise. And I got it! :D And the best part is the $500 bonus that comes with it! Okay, maybe the recognition is the best part, but the $500 doesn't hurt. LOL

I'm just glad to be in a job that I love and I actually get credit for working my ass off. Last week was sooooo hard because I had to write up all the performance evaluations. July will be hard as well because that's when I have to go over them with my staff, and, well, everyone's went down from last year. In my defense, they were a bit inflated last year. So, between last week and this crazy week, I needed some good news. I'm currently doing my job, part of the job for someone on vacation, and I'm, as of today, taking over the work of one of my employees who is leaving to be a SAHM. Talk about a motivator to find a replacement super-quick!

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Sabrina said...

Congrats! That's awesome! It's always great when employers realize what an asset you are and reward you for it!